Applications are now closed


Friday 29th Nov - Sunday 1st Dec

11am - 8pm friday & Saturday  |  11am - 6pm SUnday

This winter will see the return of the London Illustration Fair 2019, London’s largest artist led illustration, graphic design and print event. Returning to the iconic Bargehouse within Southbank’s OXO Tower Wharf, The London Illustration Fair is seeking a selection of the most exciting and innovative artists looking to sell their work direct to an audience of art lovers.

Who should apply

We are looking for illustrators, graphic designers and creative crafts people looking to exhibit and sell their work to an audience of art buyers, gallery owners, creative agencies and everyone in-between. We also offer the option of a table space alongside our regular stands. This is to encourage a wider selection of craftspeople such as jewellery designers, fashion print designers, zine makers & publishers as well as illustrators at the start of their career.


How to Apply

If you are looking to take part in The London Illustration Fair you will need to supply us with a single sided A4 pdf with the following information:


-     Your name, website, email and contact phone number.

-       3 images of your work detailing titles, price, size and medium.

-       No more than 100 words on your artwork and your artistic practice.

-       No more than 100 words on your plans for the illustration fair, including any live or participatory elements you are planning for the event.

-    Your desired stand/stall size & commission rate.

-    Your second choice of stand size (not commission rate).


Your Application pdf will help the judging panel make their final decision so please make your application as clear as possible. Applications must be a SINGLE SIDE A4 PDF only. Any exhibitors who supply their application differently will be asked to resubmit using the correct specifications.  If you are a collective or looking to share a stand you may provide a two page PDF.

Please send this to with the subject heading 'APPLICATION2019'.

Your application will be looked at by a panel of industry professionals, and all applicants will be informed of the outcome by the end of September.


Stand options

Table Stall     =   £175 (25% commission)  or  £225 (10% commission)    Includes one 6ft table, a chair and a 6ft line to hang work from. (limited availability. Priority given to smaller based crafts).

12ft Stand     =   £275 (25% commission)  or  £425 (10% commission)    Wall space 12ft in total and 8ft high. Includes one 6ft table and one chair. Additional furniture can be supplied by artists.

16ft Stand     =   £375 (25% commission)  or  £525 (10% commission)    Wall space 16ft in total and 8ft high. Includes one 6ft table and one chair. Additional furniture can be supplied by artists.

20ft Stand     =   £500 (25% commission)  or  £650 (10% commission)    Wall space 20ft in total and 8ft high. Includes one 6ft table and one chair. Additional furniture can be supplied by artists.

24ft Stand     =   £625 (25% commission)  or  £800 (10% commission)    Wall space 24ft in total and 8ft high. Includes one 6ft table and one chair. Additional furniture can be supplied by artists.


Your stall & payments during the event

Applying artists are encouraged to offer a live hands-on element to their stand. This interaction helps to create a positive and creative environment throughout the event by encouraging public engagement. Past activities have included creative workshops, live drawing, live printing, personalised gift cards, raffles etc.

We have had exhibitors adorn their stalls with light boxes, vinyl graphics and illustrations in the past and it always helps. Again, the more creative you get with your design the more people want to engage with your stall. The majority of the stands at the event are made up of a mix of exposed brickwork and MDF clad walls. Exhibitors will not be able to paint their walls unless arranged with us prior to the event.

We will be providing a sales desk on every floor where customers can make payment for artwork via cash tills and PDQ card machines. Due to security and sales regulations all payments must go via our sales desk. This will work on a receipt system filled out by the artists. Further information about our tills and payment system will be explained to you once your application has been accepted.



Our venue is the Bargehouse on London’s Southbank. The space is a 5-storey raw warehouse within Oxo Tower Wharf that showcases a variety of exhibitions and creative events throughout the year. For the London Illustration Fair 2019 it will provide a unique, exciting and versatile backdrop to the event’s artwork, workshops and activities. With over 10,000sq ft of floor space to play with the Bargehouse is the perfect space for us to flex our creative muscles. 

Times and Dates you will need to be available

Our biggest change this year, for all you regular exhibitors, will be the dropping of the Thursday night launch party. This is due to a number of factors. Firstly, the number of sales at the launch has never been as high as the other days, with last year only accounting for around 5% of the total sales made throughout the fair. Secondly, dropping the launch will mean artists will now set up on the Thursday instead of the Wednesday allowing artists to commit to one day less than usual. Fear not, the Friday night will still have the festive party vibe complete with DJs and special events, that you’ve all come to know and love!

Set-up: Thur 28th (between 10am and 5pm)

Event: Fri 29th - Sun 1st (opening hours: Fri: 11am - 8pm, Sat: 11am - 8pm, Sun: 11am - 6pm)

Derig: Sun 1st (6pm - 8pm)

Further details will be provided in our Artist Welcome Pack if your application is successful.

It is the responsibility of the artist to set-up and take down their stand as well as having someone present at their stand at all times throughout.

Want to host a workshop or talk?



The London Illustration Fair is looking for workshop proposals for the event. Do you have an idea for an engaging and inspiring activity that you would like to share with our visitors? We'd love to hear from you. 

The London Illustration Fair runs an extensive workshop programme during it's events - with drop in workshops ranging from print making to jewellery crafting, architectural illustration to collage creations. Whatever your idea, we have a fantastic space in Southbanks Bargehouse ready for you!

- Workshops can take place on a daily basis or through out the fair. Anyone looking to host a workshop can plan for a one off workshop or talk.

- We do not charge you a fee for the pitch, we simply charge a flat 30% commission on any takings you receive. We provide the chairs, tables and promotion, you provide your materials and expertise. If you choose to also sell any additional items (such as prints or books) we also charge 30% commission.

To suggest a workshop please email with a rough outline.