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Featured Artists

Kristjana S Williams

Kristjana S Williams is an Icelandic born artist whose work spans the fields of illustration, graphic design, fine art and video.

Heavily influenced by nature and ‘the symmetry in all things living’, Kristjana has achieved international recognition and most recently was commissioned by Belmond Copacabana Palace hotel during the Rio Olympics. Kristjana has exhibited widely in the UK, Hong Kong and New York and has a client list that includes Liberty, V&A, Heals, Harrods and The Connaught Hotel. 

Kristjana will be designing The London Illustration Fair 2016 flyer, creating a site-specific 3D installation in the Bargehouse entrance and exhibiting a wide range of prints throughout the event. 

Guido Iafigliola

Guido Iafigliola is a mixed-media artist based in Uruguay. Inspired by music and human emotion, Guido’s work is characterised by human forms, dramatic architectural landscapes and abstract patterns. 

Juxtaposing form and colour through the exploration computer software programmes, image, drawing and Tachyons analog glitch hardware, Guido creates awe-inspiring large-scale prints and video works.

Guido will be taking part in a live ‘Glitch’ art performance exclusively at the launch of The London Illustration Fair 2016 as well as exciting a range of prints and video works throughout the event.

Jonny Wan

Jonny Wan is a Sheffield-based illustrator with a distinct Ancient Egyptian and Art Deco style that spans editorial, advertising and publishing.Inspired by social interaction, Jonny's work is a human kaleidoscope of characters, graphic patterns and rich colours.Jonny is represented by Central Illustration Agency and his clients include Nike, American Express, The Oscars, Virgin, Easyjet and The Guardian.

Jonny will be teaming up with animation studio Dog & Rabbit on an exclusive mural to be unveiled at The London Illustration Fair 2016. 

Creative Partners

The Doodle Man


Sam Cox, aka The Doodle Man, is a scribbling obsessed creator whose 'graffiti spaghetti' squiggles consume walls, furniture and any other surface he can get his hands on.

We stumped across The Doodle Man's walls in Shoreditch, East London and we're hooked! The Doodle Man dabbles in animation, video and performance art and has recently worked on a number of projects spanning New York and Sweden.

Catch The Doodle Man live in action at The London Illustration Fair 2016 and pick up one-off originals, prints and T-shirts. Not to be missed!

3rd Rail


'3rd Rail' as its best known to its buddies, as a London-based screen printing studio that works closely with clients and collaborators to produce quality clothing ranges and artwork editions. 3rd Rail Presents has seen the studio work with some of the industry's leading illustrators, designers and artists serving up exhibitions, limited edition clothing, exclusive posters and workshops. 

3rd Rail will be setting up shop of Floor 3, exhibiting the work of the likes of Hattie Stewart, Mr. Penfold, Timba Smits and Alec Doherty and creating one-off artworks for visitors to complete using its epic screen printing press.

A Two Pipe Problem


After three years of busy schedules, we've finally managed to secure some quality time with A Two Pipe Problem letterpress studio.

Normally located in Tottenham, North London, the letterpress legends will be taking up residence in our workshop area and passing on its passion for print.Learn the art of printmaking with A Two Pipe Problem's group sessions; set the wood press, hand ink and pick up helpful tips on how to create a cracking print!